Our firms’ sole purpose is to help our customers' businesses succeed by helping strong companies find breakthroughs in performance improvement and competitive advantage; or help struggling companies adapt and adjust to reposition the business; or to help owners maximize the monetization of the business.

Business Advisory Services was formed to respond to the market demand for tailored financial solutions delivered by capable and committed professional resources.

Our business model is to leverage our deep expertise in our customer's market(s), their business, and the capital markets in targeted industries to bring business performance and financial solutions for our customers. This ensures the creation of a differentiated financial advisory business plan that services the customer's specific needs. The overall goal is to offer the right financial advisory or investment banking service for the customer's needs at any point in their business life cycle. Where most investment banking firms only focus on the transaction — which moves them away from building deeper relationships with their customers — our firm has a committed customer model that works to improve or reposition their business or monetize their business based on what the owners define as business success and at any stage in their businesses life cycle.

Business Advisory Services responds to market demand for tailored financial solutions that are delivered through capable and committed professional resources.The firm has an intimate knowledge of client markets, what it takes to succeed and how to get projects funded.


Scott McDermott

Principle and Chief Executive Officer

Scott McDermott brings over 25 years of experience in financial advisory services. Mr. McDermott’s experience includes strategic and tactical advisory services in the bio-energy, food and agribusiness industries. His professional experience include mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory services and business performance improvement. Prior to Business Advisory Services, Mr. McDermott was one of the founding principals of Business Advisory Services for CoBank ACB, and cofounder of Ascendant Partners.  Additionally, he was an analyst at Koch Industries (Flint Hills Resources) and Sparks Companies (Informa Economics). He received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Northern Colorado and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Colorado.  Mr. McDermott is licensed with FINRA as a registered investment banking representative.