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How We Stand Out

If you are a success minded company in food processing, agribusiness or renewable energy, finding a financial advisory firm that has the expertise and integrity is not easy.

Business Advisory Services is a financial advisory firm that has spent over 20 years working where our clients live; shares a passion for what they do; and is dedicated to client success first. Business Advisory Services and the Business Performance Improvement arm of the company have an in depth understanding of what drives value in your business, the markets you do business in, and the financial market access needed to create business success for your company.


BAS is the financial advisory firm providing the full range of investment banking services. These services include Strategic Advisory, Business and Investment Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Formation. These services are customized with each customer to provide the business solution that meet their needs for business success.

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BPI is the business performance improvement arm of the company. The principle of BAS and BPI has been providing business decision support and business performance improvement solutions to customers for many years. This experience was the foundation for the development of BPI’s proprietary business improvement platform High Performance Indicators. This knowledge service helps company’s connect business, industry, financial and market information to gain breakthrough insights into business improvement.

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The team has worked in all areas of food, agriculture and bioenergy in North America for many years. Most of BAS’s efforts in the last hand full of years has been helping traditional companies in the agriculture, food and bioenergy supply chains transition into the evolving Low Carbon New Food System.

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Our firms’ sole purpose is to help the customer find business success by helping strong companies find breakthrough performance improvement and competitive advantage or help struggling companies adapt and adjust to reposition the business or to help owners maximize the monetization of the business.

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We've had the pleasure to partner with amazing companies over the years, and help their businesses succeed and grow.


For a consultation on how Business Advisory Services, LLC can help improve your company, please fill out the form and we’ll be in contact within two business days.